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Eventually the snowy and cold weather will be behind us!  Don’t wait and get a jump on your game… Bring in those clubs to get regripped,   Check your shoes.. gloves… tees… do you have everything you need to get the season started??

Take a full inventory of your bag.. I suggest dumping it out and starting over!  Empty ALL the pockets.. it’s amazing what accumulates in our bags over the course of the year… Try and keep it golf specific.. Only enough balls for a few rounds.. you don’t need to carry 5 dozen balls in your bag.  It’s not a carry bag anymore.. lol…   check the zippers and buckles and straps.. are they tired and worn.. might be time for a new bag.

In other words.. be prepared so that when it comes times to tee it up you are ready!  Batteries for your rangefinders, current USGA rules of golf… bandaids… pain medications.. whatever you typically stock in your bag should be new and ready to go!

If you have any questions as always feel free to ask our competent staff of PGA professionals for our recommendations…

Remember, for the best deals in equipment or if you are just looking for some swing help… we are always ready with experience and the latest in technology to give you a better game!  All the best for the 2014 season!!  See you all soon!!!


Baseball Batting Park

OPEN FOR SEASON  Saturday 2/15

Baseball batting cages involve the narrow confines of a cage. Our Baseball Batting Park is not like your typical batting cage. It was designed as a unique experience similar to actual baseball so you can see the flight of the baseball once you’ve hit it. The Baseball Batting Park is easy to get to from Kent Island, Annapolis, Arnold, Severna Park and most parts of Anne Arundel County. Here are the prices for the Baseball Batting Park:


  • 35 pitches: $5.00
  • 70 pitches: $9.00
  • 105 pitches: $12.00

See it here: http://www.ballparkbatting.com



Current Hours               

9:30 am - 7:00 pm  Daily

Weather Permitting

If extremely cold or questionable weather, please call us first before making the trip ;)

(Last sale a half hour prior to closing time)



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NOW OPEN – Severna Park Golf Center’s Online Store.  Buy or renew range cards and purchase gift cards on this site by clicking the Online Store under the Golf Shop link.  We will have other items in the store as well as specials on our Events Calendar soon!